Scaella Sorvaren Vin Plaenhir

Stubborn noblewoman, almost an outcast. Still very young but a feisty quick learner.


200 pt NPC!


Middle child of the late Iannes Sorvaren, Lord of Plaenhir. Lost her father and brother to war and until recently believed her sister had been killed by a raiding party of Naj’id.

Had a pleasant childhood until that raid of 877. Brought up almost exclusively by her uncle Varmar, the present Marquis of Plaenhir. She learned fine arts, such as singing, dancing and playing the Laud. To read, write, basic mathematics, and Varmar pulled a blind eye as she practiced and developed the more martial arts, excelling at archery and fencing.

Her family was unable to find her a suitor and tried repeatedly, eventually carting her off to Raedvar, her other aunt and pushing for her to become more civil as a lady in waiting. All it did do was nighttime escapades to the University, dressed up as a man, and more and more learning… and more problems.

In the raid of 887, Scaella, aiding the new formed militias, slew a Naj’id chieftain. Finding her sister Kaeras silver pendant among his various baubles. This makes her think that Kaera is alive, or the very least was taken to the Free Hold of the Garam Naj’id, from where this raiding party most certainly came from.

In 889 disguised as a pilgrim, and timing the first snows, she slipped out towards the Hold

Scaella Sorvaren Vin Plaenhir

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