“Evil will not rest until there is no Dux of the North” Sigmund’s Apocrypha

“The Emperor of the Sea with the Emperor of the Middle Kingdom in victorious battle lie perish’d, o what a woe is bought with human frailty, that mighty houses should now fall into ruin, as begins the bickering over hard earned spoils of victory” Barcala Morio, fragment from an unknown play.

In the 760th year of the renewal, the Old King of Sirtain, facing a fresh round of predatory raiding by slavers, humanoid tribes and sea people hired several thousand Gavel landless knights from Corwen to aid him in policing the north. In a series of long campaigns they formed a bulwark in the north, that made deep raids into the heart of the Kingdom of Sirtain very unlikely.

In reward the Gavel were given domains and demesnes to rule(mostly in the north), so long as they swore fealty. Several, though by far more reduced group, did. This single action caused enough resentment, that a century later the legitimacy of these ‘foreigners’ is still questioned by some Sarsin nobles… though obviously in private.

It is 894, that simmering anger is about to boil over. The characters, of various backgrounds will be in the thick of it.

The Northern Frontier